Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Contour Powder, 0.37 oz.

$ 57.00

Sculpt facial features to the definition desired. Whether you want the killer cheekbones, slimmer nose or more defined jaw line, this buildable contouring powder allows controlled definition from a natural enhancement to a stronger finish. A universal colour, this powder helps to create shadow where needed to sculpt the face.


  • Apply powder with a contour brush
  • For defined cheekbones, suck in the cheeks and apply powder diagonally upwards from the mouth up towards the ear along the hollow groove
  • Underneath jawline to slim face and chin
  • Across top of forehead to shape face
  • Down sides of nose to slim and define
  • Into the eye socket line and inner eye where bridge of the nose meets the brow bone to define and create dimension
  • For a more defined jaw, apply powder on either side of the chin
  • Build colour to desired contour effect
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