RefectoCil Professional Starter Kit - Basic Colours

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Perfect RefectoCil Starter Set!

The RefectoCil Basic Set is the ideal starter set for those wishing to try out RefectoCil eyebrow and eyelash tints for the first time. Packaged in practical small plastic bags you will find all the products you need to perform a full treatment, including the most popular RefectoCil colours, deep black, blue black, natural brown, light brown, graphite and chestnut.

Basic Set Content:
1 x Artist Palette
6 x RefectoCil colours 15 ml (pure black, blue black, natural brown, light brown, graphite, chestnut)
1 x Oxidant 3% liquid 50 ml
1 x Eye Protection Papters Extra (80 pcs.)
1 x Skin Protection cream 75 ml
1 x Cosmetic brush soft (5 pcs.)
1 x Eye Make-Up Remover 100 ml
1 x Tint Remover 100 ml
1 x Colour Chart
1 x DVD


Preparation: to gently remove eye make-up, use the non-oily RefectoCil Eye Make-Up remover. The eyelashes and eyebrows must be dry and oil-free to achieve the best possible colour results. Take out two RefectoCil eyelash protection papers. Moisturise the client’s lower lid using the RefectoCil skin protection cream and also put some on the under side of the eye protection papers. So that no colour is transferred to the skin, press an eye lash protection paper close to the lashes. Tip: instead of the eye protection papers, you can use RefectoCil Silicone Pads

Preparation of tint: immediately before tinting, mix 2 cm of tint and 10 drops of liquid RefectoCil Oxidant (or 15-20 drops of RefectoCil Oxidant cream) into the RefectoCil cosmetic dish(Artist Palette) using the accompanying RefectoCil cosmetic applicator and mix to create a creamy paste.

Tinting: Once the client has closed her eyes, apply the colour to the lashes using the colour applicator stick until they are completely covered with the tint. Finally apply the same or a lighter shade to the eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth. Development times: Eyelashes: 10 minutes Eyebrows: depending on the desired colour intensity.

Cleansing the eyebrows: once the development time has elapsed, remove any excess colour using a dry piece of cotton wool. Should the tint come into contact with the skin, remove any spots of tint quickly and softly using RefectoCil Tint Remover. The Tint Remover must not be used on lashes or the skin area around the eyes.

Cleansing the eyelashes: once the development time has elapsed, remove the eyelash protection papers as indicated by the arrow and then remove any excess colour using a dry piece of cotton wool. Finally follow by removing any remaining tint using cotton wool and water. The client must keep their eyes closed until the eyes have been fully cleansed.

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