Tangerine SPA WARMING all-body butter, 6.8 oz

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Body warming butter

Butter with tangerine oil and ginger. Moisturizes, nourishes and lubricates the skin. It is a perfect product for those in love with oriental fragrances. Suitable for all seasons.

Product Description:

A delicious buttery texture and relaxing tangerine aroma make this body butter truly unique. Its rich formulation based on carefully selected natural and organic botanical ingredients ensures pleasant and effective product application. Botanical warming ingredients stimulate blood circulation and have a relaxing effect on the body. Organic vegetable oils contained in the formulation display smoothing and nourishing properties, and regenerate ultra-dry skin, leaving it firm, supple and elastic. A wonderful fragrance composition with the dominant note of Oriental tangerine and a hint of ginger and sweet orange oils effectively eliminates stress.


Massage into clean and dry skin of the whole body, making circular motions. Use after bath or shower, morning and night.

Active Ingredients:

plant water: green tea, almond
Rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, micro- and macroelements

Indian tree fruit seed shorea butter
gives the skin silky soft and smooth, leaves a delicate protective film

shea butter
provides optimum hydration, has an emollient and smoothing effect, promotes skin regeneration and soothes irritations

macadamia, argan, sweet almond oils
moisturize, soften, smooth skin

ginger root extract
warms the skin and stimulates microcirculation, anti-inflammatory

tangerine oil
stimulates microcirculation, and has an antiseptic, refreshing and toning effect

lemon and orange peel extract
gently stimulate and refresh

buriti and jojoba oils
moisturise, soften, soothe, protecting and anioxidant effect

natural fragrance
with a delicate note of tangerine, sweet orange and underlined with the power of exotic ginger, relaxes and soothes, eliminates tension, restores inner strength and balance

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