Sustainable Science MICELLAR cleansing water, 6.8 oz

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Micellar water for removing make-up.

It is designed for those who likes to wash the skin without using water. Green tea extract perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin, papaya and pineapple deeply regenerate it.

Product Description:

This gentle micellar cleansing water is recommended for all skin types, including sensitive skin that is prone to redness and irritation. This "no-rinse and soap-free formula is based on natural rose and aloe waters and contains no fragrance or color which could irritate the delicate skin. It owes its effectiveness due to the micellar structure comprising fine molecules of water and oil. On contact with the skin, the oil molecules bind to sebum and traces of make-up, while the water molecules bind to dust and other impurities, thus ensuring perfect cleansing of the skin without the need to rub it. The cleansing water is rich in natural plant extracts which have protective, moisturizing and calming properties.


Moisten a cotton pad with a small amount of the micellar water and cleanse the skin. Also recommended for eye make-up removal.

Active Ingredients:

plant water: rose, aloe
They provide the skin with essential vitamins and minerals

aloe juice
moisturizes and protects the skin

green tea extract
It protects against free radicals, acts anti-aging, moisturizes and nourishes, improves skin elasticity

papaya, pineapple extracts
moisturizing and conditioning properties, stimulate regeneration

marigold extract
moisturizes and restores

chamomile flower extract

witch hazel leaf extract
strengthens, antioxidant properties

grapefruit extract
stimulates, refreshes, tones

peppermint extract
soothing, refreshing

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