Pure Sugarcane IN-A-MINUTE manicure scrub, 4.2 oz

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Sugar hand scrub.

Exfoliating hand paste. Small crystals of sugar accompanied by essential oils gently and effectively remove dead skin cells as well as scrub the cuticles while moisturising them.The product is perfect before manicure.

Product Description:

The unique formulation characterized by a wonderful orange aroma and colour is based on natural and organic active ingredients. The core of the product is sugar crystals which safely and naturally exfoliate the skin of the hands to eliminate dead and horny skin cells. Organic vegetable oils, rich in natural vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, nourish and strengthen the skin of the hands and the nail plates. Botanical active ingredients stimulate the natural renewal and regeneration of the epidermis. The scrub leaves the hands perfectly smooth and gently lubricated. Essential oils which make up the product’s wonderful fragrance include sweet-scented, ripe tangerine and Italian orange. They have a great de-stressing and relaxing effect on the skin of the hands.


Apply to moistened hands making circular motions. To maximize the peeling effect, apply to dry hands. Rinse with warm water or gently wipe with a towel. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times per week.

Active Ingredients:

sugar particles
naturally exfoliates dead sklin cells

almond and macadamia oils
nourish, softens and smoothes skin

olive and coconut oil
optimal moisturisation

essential oils
the perfect combination of sweet, ripe tangerine oranges and Italian oranges, relaxing effect on the skin

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