Sustainable Science QUENCHING powerful serum, 1 oz

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Deeply moisturizing serum.

Quenching will quench the thirst of your skin. Very light consistency is highly absorbable, instantly hydrates and soothes the skin. The serum can be applied on its own or as a base for the cream. Day and night. For each skin type.

Product Description:

The serum’s unique, lightweight formula quenches the thirst of the skin immediately after application. The product provides instant, optimal hydration, preparing the skin for further treatment with other beauty products. The serum has a deep moisturizing action without leaving a sticky feeling to the skin, which makes it the perfect choice for those who find regular facial creams too heavy. The product is recommended for use during hot summers, especially in humid climates and polluted environments. It protects the skin against external damaging factors, while soothing irritations caused by stress and variations in the weather. Based on ecological rose and aloe waters, the serum’s formula is rich in proteins of natural origin, and active ingredients which have a soothing and revitalizing effect on the skin.


Apply to the cleansed face, neck and décolletage area. Gently pat into the skin with your fingertips. Use as a separate moisturizer or as a complement to a cream or lotion. If used as a base, wait for 2 minutes until the serum is fully absorbed before applying the cream.

Active Ingredients:

plant water: rose, aloe, green tea
They provide the skin with essential vitamins and minerals

aloe juice
moisturizes and protects the skin

wheat protein
nourish, moisturize, soothe

Rosa damascena oil
refreshes, moisturizes, softens, regenerates, improves skin tone

hyaluronic acid
It binds water in the epidermis, provides optimum humidity level

French rose extract
moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging

goji berry extract
adds vitality and energy, active antioxidant

lychee extract
optimally moisturizes, antioxidant properties

Passion fruit extract
It regenerates, soothes, softens, antioxidant properties

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