Green Tea FRESH MINT heel pumice, 4.2 oz

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Pumice stone for feet.

Natural pumice stone obtained from volcanic rock, enriched with red and green tea as well as mint. Reduces roughness, removes dead skin on feet and heels. The addition of mint makes the product refreshing and soothing, restoring the lightness of feet.

Product description:

This innovative pumice in the form of a thick paste with natural abrasive particles gently and effectively cleanses and smoothes out the skin of the feet as well as stimulates blood circulation through foot massage. Carefully selected natural and organic botanical ingredients have strengthening and anti-bacterial properties which help eliminate skin irritations and offensive smells. The fragrance formula with the dominant note of green tea enriched with a hint of citrus fruits and Chinese mint oil provides perfect cooling and relaxation for the feet, and leaves your legs feather-light.


Rub into the skin, then rinse thoroughly.

Active ingredients:

ecological plant waters: green tea, lemon, almond and aloe vera
the purest life essence, rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, micro- and macroelements

natural exfoliants: pumice and almond particles
perfectly remove dead, rough and dried-skin

green tea extract
moisturizes, nourishes, anti-inflammatory, tightens and improves the elasticity of the skin, protects against free radicals

green tea extract
nourishes, protects against free radicals

peppermint extract
soothing, refreshing, antiseptic

extract of thyme
anti-inflammatory and astringent, soothes, tones, refreshes

lemon balm extract
soothes, anti-inflammatory and relaxing effect

natural fragrance composition
with soothing vanilla note, touched with floral-citrus aroma, embraces the body with an aura of sensuality and makes body care more enjoyable

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