Meso Infusion Overnight Clinical Mask, 2.5 oz.

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Intensive regeneration while you sleep
A synergy of clinically-inspired masks perpetually working around the clock to provide intense endless hydration.

Unlike other masks, this innovative, diligent skin care system is designed to be worn throughout the day and night with no need to wash off or re-apply; they provide a similar function to traditional sheet masks and are much higher in concentration than a moisturiser or serum for ultimate rejuvenation. Each innovative formula is inspired from the clinical procedure Mesotherapy - the injection of hydrating and volumising ingredients deep into skin. Apply the Day Defence treatment in the morning as your final skin care step; walk out of home protected, hydrated, and rely on the mask to work when time is of the essence. In the evening, apply the Clinical Overnight Mask before slumber to nourish skin with an intense concentrate of moisture-enhancing, firming, and plumping actives; wake up revived and youthful.
This powerful hydration mask works with the skin cell renewal cycle (most active during sleep) to provide a concentration of reparative, moisture-retaining, plumping ingredients.
  • AQUAMAX: Molecular ingredient that delivers intense moisturisation and helps to extend life of Hyaluronic Acid (which has the ability to hold up to 1000x its own weight in H₂O) for increased hydration.
  • LYS’SUN: Found within Witch Hazel Leaf, this active improves elasticity by rebalancing enzymatic processes that effect skin firmness.
  • DYNALIFT: A rich active which forms an invisible stretching film on skin’s surface that instantly tightens, lifts, and firms the complexion.
Wake up looking revived and energised. For an around the clock restoration, apply the Meso Infusion Day Defence Hydration Mask in the morning to resume the treatment throughout the day
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