Meg 21

Meg 21 Cell Therapy Anti Oxidant Boost with Supplamine®, 1 oz.

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MEG 21 Anti-Oxidant Boost with Supplamine® combines the power of Supplamine with anti-oxidant extracts of Indian gooseberry and grape seed to provide the ultimate skin-cell therapy to fight skin stress resulting from glycation, free radicals and oxidative stress. With the added anti-oxidant boost, this lightweight treatment will not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles but also reduce irritation, to give your complexion a more youthful, radiant glow.

Indications for use

  • Formulated to protect skin from the harmful effects of urban environments, smoke, sun damage and excessive sugar in food.
  • Allergy tested, scientifically formulated, non-irritating anti-aging treatment, recommended for all skin types.
  • Apply as base with MEG 21 products, sunscreen or alone before exposure. Lightweight, always silky.
  • Contains Supplamine, a unique patented anti-glycation formulation, plus Indian gooseberry and grape seed extract for ultimate skin-cell therapy.
  • Packaged in an airless jar. Pump’s unique dispenser protects against air exposure and contamination.
  • Retail size: 1.0 oz. (30g).
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