Liquid Keratin

Liquid Keratin Keratin Deep Conditioning & Repair Mask, 8 oz.

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Clay and Keratin proteins work together in this unique formula to help nourish, strengthen and repair hair. Hair is made emollient on application, without over-softening or leaving buildup. Hair is left full-bodied, stronger, and more resilient. Excellent for use on all hair types, especially dry, brittle, over-processed hair.

Key Features:

  • Evens out porosity and balances elasticity Increases tensile strength
  • Adds fabulous shine
  • Strengthens and smoothes hair
  • Leaves no product build up on hair.
  • Excellent on dry scalp for most skin disorders
  • Can be used as a barrier cream before perming or colouring Stylist-driven and tested formula
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