Rapid Response Line Filler, 1 oz.

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Watch SMOOTH Rapid Response super effective plumping Line filler quench those thirsty wrinkles

Say goodbye to lines and wrinkles and go SMOOTH!
Designed to safely enhance skin tissue depressions
Minimizes lines and wrinkles
Fill areas of the skin with gentle Hyaluronic Spheres and Vitamin C
Smooth Response is the Ultimate in plumping and reducing facial depressions Non-Invasive Alternative to Surgery and wrinkle fillers such as Botox and Restylane
An Anti-aging formula for All skin types with fine lines and wrinkles
Micro-spheres contain Hyaluronic Acid which penetrate the skin and trap water in fine lines and wrinkles

Clinical test results show a decrease of 7.5% in forehead expression wrinkles after one hour and 12% after 6 hours

A gentle and safe product

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