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Jatai Seki Edge Toenail Clipper

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It can be pretty frustrating when you clip your toenails and the nails fly across the room. How embarrassing would that be if someone found your nail clipping sometime later? It's not your fault. A toenail clipper should keep toenail clippings within a close proximity. Keeping 'barrier walls' around you while clipping shouldn't be part of your repertoire. Clippings should be managed in an easy and convenient way. But also, once you clip your toenails, you want a smooth edge. Having a nail file is convenient to finish off the job. The Deluxe Toenail Clipper comes with a nail catcher to trap clippings for easy disposal, a die-cast lever for smooth, easy cutting motion and a laser etched file on the bottom to smooth nails after clipping. With a built-in nail catcher and built-in nail file, this is an all-in-one toenail clipper great for convenience and solves those two major problems. A good toenail clipper doesn't just clip anymore. A good toenail clipper clips, catches, and files.


  • Built-in nail catcher
  • Die-cast lever
  • Built-in etched multi-directional file
  • Hand-finished
  • Sharp cutting edge

    What this toenal clipper can do for you:

  • Sharp cutting edge leaves a clean cut
  • All-in-one toenail clipper, catcher, and nail file makes cutting toenails easy with only one tool
  • Built-in nail catcher makes it easy to dispose of clippings
  • Built-in nail file smooths out nail edges

    How to Use:

    When clipping nails, hold toenail clipper so clipping can fall into catcher. Dispose of clipping by shaking out over waste basket.

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