Izutech BTX450 Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Iron - Aqua Turquoise

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BTX450 is Izutech's very first line of fashion flat irons that celebrates creativity and individuality with color options. Targeted for stylists with mainly styling clients, it meets all of your everyday styling needs with: Premium tourmaline ceramic plates, self-aligning floating plates and adjustable temperature control. Add a splash of your favorite color coat that protects the plate and you have your favorite go-to flat iron.


Nothing is worse than flat irons without cushion inside. The floating plates give an extra protection from frying your hair and prevent hair getting stuck. It is easier to style when there’s a bit of pressure you can apply, and it self adjusts back to the correct position after each use.


Don’t let the pretty colors fool you, the material on the plate color is actually specially formulated to accentuate the benefits of our premium tourmaline ceramic plates. Shiny, silky, and static-free hair guaranteed.


  • Heats up to 450 degrees F
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial
  • Safe Travel Dual Voltage 110-240V
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