Depilatory Brow Strips for Men, 8 applications

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BROWS in their most beautiful shape.

If the face is a picture, the eyebrows are the critical frame. The andmetics hair removal strips – especially for men – will perfect any eyebrow in the world in only 2 minutes. And it is extremely effective: The hairs are removed to the root and only grow back silky soft up to 4 weeks later. You will be astonished how quick and easy it is. The strips have markings for easy positioning. An ergonomic brow arch – that is 2/3 up and 1/3 down – gives the face expression – without looking feminine.
The secret of the patented andmetics strips: The perfect shape using cold wax! Cold wax is not only better tolerated and more pleasant than warm wax or plucking individual hairs; application is also less expensive and quicker than conventional methods.

  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows: 2/3 up and 1/3 down – no overplucking by the user!
  • andmetics hair removal strips are suitable for all eyebrows! Anytime, anywhere!
  • All annoying dark and even light hairs are removed – in just 60 seconds!
  • Hairs are removed up to the root – with just a single short twinge felt by the user!
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