Roc-it-Dog RS 550 5.5" Pivoting Thumb Shear

$ 149.95

The Centrix® Roc-it Dog™ 360° Pivoting Thumb Shear is the newest edition to one of the most popular shear brands in the professional salon industry. This brand targets  fashionable and hip stylists looking for a great performing shear at the mid-price range. The Roc-it Dog™ 360° combines technique with ergonomic perfection. The revolving  thumb offers the stylist complete mobility to create any style with ease. Techniques such as a slide cutting, channel cutting, chip cutting, are as easy as a flick of the wrist.    

The design and function allows the stylist to lessen hand and wrist movement, drop the shoulder and eliminate fatigue during a busy day of cutting.

  • Precision cast convex blade
  • Low Stress Pivoting Thumb rotates 360 degrees
  • Advance Ergo Arc Offset Handle
  • Removable Finger Rest
  • Tension Knob allows customization cutting for every hair texture
  • Tighten for fine hair, loosen for coarse hair
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