Cricket Classic Specialty Ergo/Offset Handle #1660 - 5.75" Texturizing

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Thinning Centrix®: the genesis of the Centrix® company. The design and performance are the standard for all shears. Centrix® simply offers any stylist the tool to create and perfect their craft. The shear every stylist should own. Texture and specialty effects are what differentiates a hair cutter from a stylist. Centrix® has the tools needed to be the best of both in this ever-changing world of style.

Triple tempered stainless steel and cryogenically treated to reduce wear and increase durability.

The 1660 removes 20% bulk which will create texture, style, and maximizes the stylist's options for creativity regarding fashion cut

Can be stacked with C 575 shear for soft shearing technique

  • Forged Japanese Steel
  • Hand Finished
  • Convex Blade Edge
  • Cryogenically Treated
  • Offset Handle
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Pin It

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