Cricket Centrix Metamorphosis 5.25" Narrow Blade

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An evolution of progressive innovations fused with classic shear principles.

Centrix® Metamorphosis™ shears have been designed to create a union of fluid and instinctive movements. The unique Butterfly Effect Handles™ offer a gentle balance that allows for smooth transitions and advance styling techniques. Treated like a fine piece of jewelry, each shear is hand inspected, tested and polished.

Exquisite high-quality carbon Japanese drop density forged stainless steel has been curated under extreme controlled conditions to provide ultra-sharp, svelte blades.Bilateral convex blades offer a long life performance, while eliminating internal stress.

Butterfly Effect Handles™

  • GLIDE GRIP- Slanted thumb for natural positioning and control
  • ANGLED PINKY REST- Inclined pinky rest that cradles the pinky finger
  • PEAK FINGER REST- Subtle rise that supports the pointer and middle fingers

    The Experience

  • TENSION CONTROL- Locking secure screw tension management
  • SILENT BUMPER GUARD- Secure cushioned, fastened bumper for quiet cutting
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