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MOISTURIZING TAN EXTENDER Love My Tan is an extraordinary, multi-functional cream which will prolong your glowing tan with a unique blend of peptides and soothing extracts, for healthier looking, sun-kissed skin. A revolutionary, patented ingredient stimulates the production of melanin without the need to lay out in the sun, avoiding the potential hazards of tanning booths or hassles produced by “self-tanning” pigments. Love My Tan is a truly remarkable product that offers relief from redness, antioxidant protection, skin hydration and a longer lasting tan indoors or out.

OUTDOORS Offers immediate, effective relief from inflammation caused by exposure to UVA/UVB and infrared radiation from natural sources. Aids in achieving a longer lasting tan. Relieves redness, inflammation and dryness.

INDOORS Continued use will promote the gradual achievement of a youthful glow and natural looking tan even without exposure to the sun, while moisturizing and promoting healthier skin. Relieves redness, inflammation and dryness.

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