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Bay Soleil Adavanced Suncare Drench Me

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AFTER SUN MOISTURIZER Drench Me, in its magnum sized bottle, will give you an instant and refreshingly pure cascade of moisture and hydration that will drench your entire body as well as soothe and relieve your skin from dryness and exposure to the elements. Improves the skin’s appearance, making it look healthier even after exposure to extreme dryness or cold weather. Drench Me is loaded with a proprietary blend of wholesome fruit extracts and skin soothing ingredients for maximum protection that your skin will love.

OUTDOORS Great for replenishing moisture all year. Apply following outdoor activities during summer and spring, or in the dry, windy climates of fall and winter.

INDOORS Skin dryness is inevitable in climate-controlled environments. Use indoor at home, the office, in-car or in-flight to counteract dryness and flakiness.

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