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B. Kettner VisoClean Bundle Pack

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The VisoClean System is designed to perfectly supplement salon visits and provide an easy way to insure beautiful skin. By combining German-formulated cosmetics with a stylish battery-powered rotating brush, B.Kettner VisoClean offers an ideal solution for everyday facial beauty care. Our cleansing brush with our professional skin care solutions allow you to experience deep cleansing while maintaining soft, clean, healthy skin.

The MBK cleansing cosmetics that come with the VisoClean system allow for both daily cleansing and gentle peeling. The daily cleansing mode with simple brush rotation uses Creamy Cleansing Foam (150 ml size) to both moisturize and softly cleanse the skin’s surface. A deeper cleansing and gentle peeling can be done with the MBK Ultra Gentle Peeling (25 ml size) for effective peeling of facial skin.

VisoClean uses a rotational and a swinging (bi-directional) motion that loosens dirt, make-up and impurities better than a vibration or sonic motion. It is more effective at cleansing, purifying and exfoliating than most of the typical brushes on the market.


  • Wireless hand-held electric facial cleansing brush
  • Waterproof-can be used in the shower
  • 2 Speeds
  • 2 Rotational modes: Unidirectional rotation and Bi-directional swinging motion
  • 2 Brushes: Normal for normal skin and Soft for sensitive skin
  • Auto-Off - Device cycles off after three 30 second cycles
  • Rechargeable battery - will last up to 5 years using this device twice a day
  • Designed in Munich
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