B Kettner

B. Kettner MBK Hydrating Cream, 1.69 oz.

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HYDRATING CREAM - Face care with vitalizing effect for dry and environmentally damaged skin, low in moisture. Applied to the face in the mornings and evenings it supports the natural skin functions. This cream stimulates the skin’s own regeneration processes and vitalizes the moisture balance of the skin. The skin barrier function is strengthened and sebum production is reduced. Skin cell growth is promoted and the skin is protected from the environment.

Regenerate, activate, stimulate, optimize, and refresh: these skin care products will rebalance the skin. Their long-lasting effect is due to their cosmetological and selective natural active ingredient combinations. Prematurely aged skin or skin prone to wrinkles, (hyper)sensitive skin or skin prone to redness, acne or allergies – all these problem skin types will find individual product solutions. The skin is purified and refined, calmed, strengthened and protected, without drying.

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