B Kettner

B. Kettner MBK Drainactive Eye Fluid, .5 oz.

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DRAINACTIVE EYE FLUID - Eye care with nourishing and draining effect. Applied in the mornings and evenings around the eye area, this fluid improves the moisture balance and stimulates the cell metabolism. The collagen synthesis is stimulated and the sensitive skin around the eyes is strengthened. Irritations and swellings are reduced.

Targeted and effective – these are the main characteristics of the Methode Brigitte Kettner special products. These biotechnological magic bullets are easily combined with the general care lines, to support and complement the effectiveness of other products. Wherever skin is most difficult or delicate, be it thin and sensitive or atrophic and with large pores, the highly-active ingredient combinations of these products spring into action. They protect and care for stressed skin areas sustainably, bringing about a positive effect on cell metabolism, collagen synthesis and the skin’s own repair mechanisms. Pure and concentrated care – the concentrates of Methode Brigitte Kettner – act like ‘plastic surgeons’, smoothing roughness, optimizing complexion and channelling active ingredients into deeper skin layers. Applied to low molecular carriers, they have a rebuilding and regenerating effect, from the deeper skin layers to the surface, to give the skin a new freshness and elasticity.

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