Depilatory Eyebrow Wax Strips for Women, 8 applications

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BROWS in their most beautiful shape.

The unique andmetics hair removal strips will perfect any eyebrow in the world in only 2 minutes. And it is extremely effective: The hairs are removed to the root and only grow back silky soft up to 4 weeks later. You will be astonished how quick and easy this will make your beauty routine. The strips have markings for easy positioning.

An ideal brow arch – that is, 2/3 up and 1/3 down – gives the face expression and can even have a rejuvenating effect. The hair removal strips can also be used as colouring stencils. This product therefore provides the perfect 2-in-1 benefit. The secret of the patented andmetics strips: The perfect shape using cold wax! Cold wax is not only better tolerated and more pleasant than warm wax or plucking individual hairs; application is also less expensive and quicker than conventional methods. andmetics hair removal strips for eyebrows are unique on the market, already patented in Austria and registered for international patent approval.

  • Perfectly shaped eyebrows: 2/3 up and 1/3 down – no over plucking by the user!
  • andmetics hair removal strips are suitable for all eyebrows! Anytime, anywhere!
  • All annoying dark and even light hairs are removed – in just 60 seconds!
  • Hairs are removed up to the root – with just a single short twinge felt by the user!
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