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Footsie Bath Foot Spa Plus, Black

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DISPOSABLE LINER The liner, designed for one-time use, is perfectly pre-fitted to the tub for a professional look. To prepare for the pedicure, put in a clean fresh liner and you're ready to go. When the pedicure is done, empty the water and dispose of the liner. No More Cleaning. We recommend the used liners be collected and taken to an authorized recycling facility to help keep the environment as clean as your Foot Spa.

RETRACTABLE CORD The days of tripping over cords, or hanging it around your neck are gone. With the simple push of a button, the generous 7-foot cord smootly retracts into the base. The spa is now safe to transport from the salon sink to the pedicure station (or where your pedicure soak is being performed) and back.

ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT AND DURABLE The materials used for the Footsiebathâ„¢ Pedicure Spa were chosen to make the tub as light as possible when full of water, making the walk from the sink to the station less of a strain.

EXTRA DEPTH The bowl is 6" deep allowing enough room for the proper amount of water to give a theraputic soak, and easily wash away foot treatments such as masks, scrubs, and creams without spilling over.

VIBRATION NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEM Soothing vibration without a lot of noise. That is what our Pedicure Spa 'noise reduction' system does. You've worked hard to make your environment inviting and relaxing, Footsiebath® lets you keep it that way.

FOUR(4) POSITION CONTROL KNOB There are four settings allowing you to customize the pedicure experience for your clients:

1. Heat & Vibrate
2. Heat Only
3. Vibrate Only
4. Off

HEAT CONTROL KNOB You are in control. The variable heat control knob allows you to customize the temperature for your many clients.

DOUBLE THE HEATING ELEMENTS More heating elements means that the machine doesn't have to work as hard to maintain the water temperature. This prevents early 'burn out' of the heating elements and protects against total system failure, thus extending the life of the product far beyond other foot baths on the market today

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