Bio Cellulose Treatment Mask, 5 Masks

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111SKIN Bio Cellulose Mask utilises the most advanced mask technology on the market to deliver beneficial nutrients into the dermis. The mask adheres to your face like a second skin. The gel like structure of the mask will instantly cool and regulate body temperature. Since the fibres of the masks are 500x finer than tissue masks, the bio cellulose instantly locks moisture into your skin and enables a deeper penetration of three key ingredients that we have added. This mask contains Arbutin to brighten, Silk Amino Acids to condition and Centella Asiatica to stimulate collagen production.


Arbutin, will instantly brighten your complexion. Silk Amino Acids will continuously moisturize and hydrate your skin. Centella Asiatica, will stimulate collagen production for line and wrinkle improvement.

  • Brightens and helps even out skin tone
  • Potent antioxidants condition and moisturise
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Helps restore moisture from long flights or nights
  • Paraben, paraffin, silicone and sulphate free.

    How To Use

    Masks are an essential part of your skincare routine that will enhance the efficacy of your products. After cleansing and toning your skin, remove the mask from protective films on both sides, and leave on your face for 20 minutes. You can choose to follow with our Night Cream.

    It is also great as a post holiday treatment or before a big event to brighten, plump and moisturize your skin.

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